Getting feedback from mobile app users isn't easy. Many times the only way you get it is as a 1-star review in the app store. We have been building mobile apps since 1997, and shakedown started as a tool we developed to help serve our own users better.

how it works

After you sign up for the shakedown service, you include a single source file in your application. The first time the shakedown-enabled app is run, a single-page instruction sheet will be shown.

After that, if the user encounters a problem with your app or has a question, they simple shake their phone and enter a shakedown note. You'll be notified (based on your) preferences by email, SMS, or through our own custom shakedown app.

getting started

Adding shakedown to your apps is simple:

  1. Sign up for a developer account.
  2. Download the shakedown source file
  3. !!!TODO!!! install instructions here